PROVA Music Studios are not only a musical destination, but a pleasure destination too. Enjoy the panoramic view of the lounge, and relax with a cup of coffe or a hand made burger, or a club sandwich, or a chocolate temptation at PROVA Cafe.

PROVA Cafe offers excellent coffe, delicious snacks, yummy sweet deserts and its famous PROVA Hamburger/Cheesburger made in house, form our own hands, till the end of the rehearsal sessions every day. The musician or visitor can enjoy their morning coffee before the rehearsal, a delicious snack during a meeting, or a mind blowing sweet desert, also hand made in our restaurant-level kitchen. All these, accompanied with the friendliness and hospitality of PROVA Cafe.


Another element that makes PROVA Music Studios stand out is the ability to offer to every visitor the chance to enjoy the whole experience in the studios, through the relaxing lounge, the musicailty that the area radiates, get in touch with other bands and socialize with like-minded people.

There are two large LCD TV Sets and ultra-relaxing couch, where you can watch international music channels, sporting events (athletics, football, basketball etc), in a lively atmosphere. Also you can dine while enjoying the panoramic view of Athens city on the 3rd floor of the building that PROVA Music Studios are.

All our products are carefully selected from the most renowned vendors, in order to achieve hishest quality standards for our visitors.

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