Multichannel Recording

Type 1: Multichannel Recording.

Every musician enters the room on his/her own and records his/her part, with a setup specific for his/her own sound and instrument in use. It is recomended for demo, album and very high quality results of recording. Provides flexibility and freedom for the mixing and mastering phase, with a stunning result.

You can listen to multichannel recordings done in PROVA Music Studios here

Dirty History of Mankind - Lucky Funeral

Broken Dreams - Groove 4

Kalos Kakos - Phyrosun

Angel's Eyes - Harsh Demise

Live multichannel

Type 2: Live Multichannel Recording.

All the group enters the room and records simultaneously up to 32 distinct recording channels. In the meantime, there is the possibility of having 16 different mixings for the musicians' headphones. It is recomended for testing recording while building the band, creation of promo for Live gigs and amateur recording with seriously high quality sound, as well as it is a very effective way to listen how the band sounds on a live stage.

You can listen to Live multichannel recordings done in PROVA Music Studios here

Coscmic Girl - Missing Case The Band

For Piazzola - Michael Paouris

Rehearsal Recording

Type 3:  Rehearsal Recording

In this type of recording, we can record all your rehearsal session in stereo, by using the digital console of the Room. This type of recording is offered nowhere else in Greece. We are the first ones to offer such a mode of recording with such a high quality result, in short time and absolutely inexpensive.

Our difference with other similar offerings is that you will not find such a high level of service and result for a better price and shorter time of set up.


Recording of Radio spots, commercials, overdubbing.

Our spacious booth can accomodate simultaneously many speakers, as it has already done in various cases, like in the recording of the hit series of MEGA Channels "Ouk an lavis para tou mi ehontos"


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