Rehearsal in PROVA Music Studios is an experience that begins right from the entrance of the Musician in the area of PROVA Studios. Our Rooms are specially designed so that Rehearsal is not just a mere dealing with the songs in hand, but a meaningful contact of the Musician with his/her passion. From the adjustable lighting to the Rooms decoration, from the state of the art equipment to the perfect room design for optimum sound result, everything contributes positively so your time spent in PROVA Music Studios is unique, creative and productive!

Our highly specialized personnel helps you from the etrance to the Rooms.

Take advantage of our people's vast experience so you can achieve optimum set up for your rehearsal

The digital console can be programmed so that it adapts to your music's demands and characteristics.

The presets of the console can be saved and loaded next time your band rehearses! This is a huge time saver leaving you time to focus on the important stuff of music creation.

If during the rehearsal you need anything, just use the phone by the console and dial 166, to call for help!

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